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Warner Bros. Laughing All The Way To The Bank With ‘Joker’: $94M Debut Reps Records For October, Todd Phillips, Joaquin Phoenix & Robert De Niro

Says RelishMix in their latest social media analytics report, “It’s fair to say that when a casual moviegoer thinks about Joker or any superhero/comic book related film, they don’t really associate these movies with prestigious film festivals and references about awards season. But, when Joker won the Golden Lion, the online discussion changed dramatically.”

RelishMix reports that Joker‘s social media universe counts 480M across Facebook, YouTube views, Twitter, Instagram, which though is lower than the standard 654M opening weekend SMU for a comic-book movie, touts an extraordinary  244:1 earned/owned viral rate off two clips on Warners YouTube channel. “These two clips scored an immense volume of engagement, spurred by fan comparisons to other portrayals of the character, and how this film would stand out in tone and story. But the question becomes, is this a superhero movie? When looking at drama/thriller’s usual YT views, Joker at 82K again exceeds the average of 22K. The film’s SMU also outstrips the 82.8M average for a drama/thriller in its opening week.”

“This film deserves a lot of credit for its social campaign, which teased the audience from the very start. For comparison, Joker has only 16 official clips on its Facebook page and two on WB’s official YT Channel – which is extremely close to the vest compared to other superhero or action/adventure films. That said, this is one of the most socially engaging films of the year,” further praises RelishMix.

FROM PREVIEWS: Last night we heard from industry insiders that there aren’t any security threats at theaters for Joker. RelishMix indicates that social media chatter is leaning positive, ranking a high of 7 out of their 10 scale “thanks to fans of the character and a wider audience interest based on the trailers and news surrounding the film.”

“For those who are excited to see Joker in theaters, several elements pop to the top of the list. Joaquin Phoenix’s performance is certainly at the center of convo, with references to his previous movies, victories at film fests this fall, not to mention the goosebumps-inducing trailers,” RelishMix said. “Other positive sentiment comes from the genuine look at mental illness with a traditionally villainous character as its center. The movie looks and feels less like a superhero movie to some and more like an awards-season offering unlike anything they’ve seen before.  But, for traditional comic-book/superhero genre fans, this looks like LoganDeadpool and other avant-garde takes on their favorite characters and themes. These fans like the Marvel-vs.-DC discussion, as well as the trading of ideas related to how this genre continues to evolve.”


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