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‘Angel Has Fallen’ Still Ascending Close To ‘London’ With $20M; Tarantino’s ‘Hollywood’ Beating ‘Basterds’

Angel has close to a 100M-sized social media universe across Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram with the social media monitor RelishMix reporting, “Fans of the series are excited to see another adventure with Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman. This contingent was satisfied and delighted with the first two adventures, and are trading theories on what this chapter might include.” Freeman counts closet to 19M social media followers, and has been sharing materials with Butler counting just under 8M.

Really low social media universe here for Ready or Not per RelishMix of 22M (!!) Geez, Disney, your second Searchlight film — it would help to give the pic some electricity. There weren’t any sneak screenings at San Diego Comic-Con this year, and this pic would have excited that demo. Missed opportunity, I’d say, for this Kill Bill in a mansion pic which is a fun ride. One keeps thinking Samara Weaving is Margot Robbie with a gun, which only adds to the experience. Even RelishMix noticed that on social media with many “making comparisons to Emma Stone and Margot Robbie, not to mention suspicions that the movie might be based on a tru-ish tale about a bride who hid herself in a trunk in the attic only never to be found.”


Marc Karzen