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‘Avengers: Endgame’: Why A $300M+ Domestic Opening Was Always Possible

More indicators of Endgame‘s success: social media wattage. Both Endgame trailers were two of the most-watched of all, respectively clocking 24-hour massive views of 289M on Dec. 7 and 268M on March 14. The pic’s social media universe, per RelishMix, is second to Infinity War‘s with 2.45 billion followers across Instagram (223.6M), Twitter (1.8B), Facebook fans, video views (198.3M+87.6M) and YouTube views. This blows away the social media universes of other big campaigns, such as Fate of the Furious (1.8BN), Beauty and the Beast (1.3BN) and Despicable Me 3 (1.2BN).  Keep in mind that Endgame‘s SMU is exclusive to the pic and doesn’t duplicate Infinity War’s 1.2BN YouTube clips, not to mention Black Panther, Captain Marvel and other recent MCU hits.

“For Endgame’s key social metrics, the Marvel campaign has exceeded engagement norms once again,” reports RelishMix. “The movie’s viral rate is 49:1, or 986 earned domestic clips in relation to 20 owned Marvel videos. The superhero movie norm is 37:1 by time of opening. Similarly, Endgame is earning over 9.2K new Facebook fans daily compared to the genre benchmark of 3.9K.  But most impressive is the 554K average daily YouTube views for top clips, which is heads and above the genre’s typical 187K.” Twitter hashtags for the film were also exceptional over the last week with 120k-230k per day range “which is an anomaly” says RelishMix. The social star of Endgame per RelishMix is Robert Downey, Jr. With 73.4M followers followed by Chris Hemsworth (39.8M) and most of the cast from Chadwick Boseman to Brie Larson, from Sebastian Stan to Gwenyth Paltrow.


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