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Big Screen Take On TV Series ‘Downton Abbey’ Is A Hit With $31M+ Opening, Reps Record For Focus Features

DOWNTON: Fans of the show have been delighted by the materials spread by Focus - and by other Fans, not to mention the TV series’ recaps - over the past several months.  There was even an Exhibition that toured the U.S. featuring props and fun displays from the show.  Regardless, Fans are having fun - just like they do in other genres - comparing notes on characters, favorite scenes, hopes for the movie and more.  This campaign has effectively stirred Fans’ excitement and kept the social discussion going since the first trailer drop last December.

AD ASTRA: A marketing stunt with Pitt having a 23-minute space-to-Earth call with astronaut Nick Hague on the International Space Station was unlisted on YouTube attracting less than 92K views on NASA’s YouTube. There is another cut of the interview at 17 minutes that’s clocked 108K views. On Twitter the video rec’d 4K likes, and on Facebook 351K views. These aren’t strong social media numbers despite the stunt being a valiant partnership between Disney and NASA. RelishMix says in their recent social media report that the Pitt Q&A is “one of the most impressive looks at the film, its star, and its themes”.

Says RelishMix about the social media chatter prior to opening, “Ad Astra looks like others in the sci-fi genre – it has a very high concept, and clearly the campaign is built to avoid spoilers. But, the difficulty with that scenario is that the audience is clueless as to the plot. As a result, unless you’re a huge fan of the genre or Pitt, there’s confusion manifesting itself in convo that skews negative until genre and Pitt Fans come in to counter other arguments. Regardless, this is a familiar scenario, one that 20th Century Fox (to its credit) has tried to combat with lots of looks at the movie, not to mention the full participation of its star.”


Marc Karzen