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Can ‘Hustlers’ Really Deliver Record $26M Live-Action Opening For Jennifer Lopez & STX?

All together, this foursome screams closed to 275 million followers on social media across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. That’s one factor contributing to the pic’s wattage in addition to the diverse cast’s alchemy, say sources. Lopez counts 187M followers alone, with Cardi B at 63M-plus. Some also attribute Lopez’s recent celeb renaissance as a factor that’s fueling the pic; Variety reported today in its weekly cover story that the multi-hyphenate’s latest tour, It’s My Party, racked up close to $55M after 38 sold-out shows in August.

Other bright light indicators for Hustlers, social media monitor RelishMix reports; “With two trailers in rotation and over two weeks till release, Hustlers is engaging an audience who are reposting on YouTube at an exceptional rate of 45:1 which is far beyond the norm for any sub-genre of crime titles and nearly 30M views on YouTube alone.” That’s rate isn’t that far from Warner Bros’ all-star femme caper Ocean 8’s viral rate last June, which was 47:1 (but a $41.6M opening).

Hustlers also touts a strong social media universe of 290M across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, well above the average for other crime dramas which counted 109M at the same point in their campaign.


Marc Karzen