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‘Hobbs & Shaw’ Opens To $60M+ With Even More Muscle Overseas

The campaign for Hobbs & Shaw began with the first trailer launched during the Super Bowl in February with north of 284M views. This trailer won Twitter’s Entertainment Category Award for the highest in-game conversation of any advertised movie. Some critiqued over the ‘sci-fi nature’ of Idris Elba’s antagonist. Uni pivoted and a second trailer back in April brought in even more views at 391M. A third and final trailer at the end of June dropped with all three plugs amassing north of 734M views. “This spinoff had social media momentum that was sustained for months,” praises social media monitor RelishMix. “Using a variety of clips, some of which are downright funny, others that offer true, behind-the-scenes insight, the Fans were consistently entertained.  And, the clips continued to feature a new moment or character – as in they didn’t rely too heavily upon The Rock’s Hobbs nor the super-action trademarked by the series.”

According to RelishMix, the online diagnostics for Hobbs & Shaw were off the chart with a social media universe across Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram just 40M shy of 1 billion reach. Trailers went viral at a mind-boggling rate of 52:1 versus the action tentpole average of 13:1. Between Johnson and Statham, they deliver close to 300M followers on their handles. Statham had a ‘bottle-top’ challenge back on July 1 which drew 22M.


Marc Karzen