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‘Hobbs’ Hauls $25M; ‘Scary Stories’ Frighten ‘Dora’; ‘The Kitchen’

SCARY STORIES: In regards to Scary‘s success, some point to the trailers that dropped during Super Bowl pre-game and fourth quarter: They certainly grabbed people’s attention and didn’t let go. RelishMix reported that in the 24 hours following the Big Game, Scary Stories racked up 10M views across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, a number that bested the 6.6M views of Universal’s Us pre-game spot over the same period

Heading into the weekend, the social media monitor Relish Mix reported that fans of the tomes were “excited” with “fans sharing experiences from the books.” CinemaScore is a C, with 3 stars and a 53% definite recommend on PostTrak. Scary Stories played best in the West and South-West where nine of the top ten runs came from.

DORA: “It’s worth noting that loyal Dora fans have a contingent that do not prefer this teenage Dora. This action/comedy take is fun for some, but out of bounds for others based on their memories from growing up. And, Dora’s very 18-ish age range is getting plenty of odd and disturbing social commentary, not to mention reviews from professionals,” says RelishMix in regards to their social media observations.


Marc Karzen