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Hooray For ‘Hollywood’: Quentin Tarantino Sees His Biggest B.O. Opening Of All-Time

Social Media entertainment analytics corp RelishMix says that demand for Hollywood has been fueled “by a variety of reasons, from the cast to the action to the rumors emanating from Cannes, where the film got a six-minute standing ovation. While Cannes has a very particular crowd, others chiming in claiming to have seen this drama say it truly is remarkable, if not typical overboard on the violence in the third act.  Regardless, both Tarantino loyal fans – not to mention DiCaprio, Pitt, Robbie and other co-stars like the Bruce Lee portrayal – are certainly forcing overall discussion on social toward the positive.”

There was also something calculated in the marketing push for Hollywood: “A less is more approach,” describes RelishMix in their latest report, and one that broke late. The first teaser which dropped on March 20–and could even be described as a ‘less is more trailer’– sold all the pic’s cool aura more than its story, with all that’s great and zany about the swinging late ’60s from a dancing DiCaprio and Robbie as Sharon Tate to Pitt hysterically punching out a martial arts star. That teaser clocked 18.8M views on Sony’s YouTube portal alone. This was followed by the official trailer two months ago which yielded 15M views on Sony’s YT page.

Marc Karzen