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How Universal Drove Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ To $70M+ Opening, The Best Start For A Live-Action Original Since ‘Avatar’

RelishMix noticed the vibrant divide over Us on social media. “Fans want to talk about the end of Us immediately after seeing it. While it’s a true surprise to some, and to some, horror expectations are not met, an incredible let-down to others. This clip from Insider, which discusses the ending, posted on Friday, has over 629K views. To say the discussion is polarizing is accurate, in that some Jordan Peele/Get Out/horror fans are singing the movie’s praises. This positive contingent is calling out the surprises/twists, the child actors, and the experience of seeing it in theaters with a big crowd who are engaged. Others chiming in with critique and negative convo, who are likely more on the thriller side of the fans, are a little let down and feel like the decisions made by the family in the movie are pretty cliche. Some say flat out that Usjust wasn’t scary – and they’re wondering about some plot points, as in, they did not make sense.”


Marc Karzen