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RelishMix news on: Deadline, Bloomberg

‘Hustlers’ Shakes $32M+ Opening Record For STX & Jennifer Lopez Live-Action Pic; ‘Goldfinch’ Nosedives With $2M+

Hustlers boasts a social media universe across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube views, Facebook of 432.8M, which “is very rare for a drama crime title,” says social media analyst RelishMix. In regards to social media followers, Lopez, Wu, Reinhart, Cardi B, Lizzo and more count close to 320M alone. That’s free PR and marketing when it comes to propping Hustlers,and they’ve all been active promoting the film. Viral video rate for Hustlers materials is 15:1, above the crime drama average, off 11 official clips. The pic is clocking 60K YouTube views daily, ahead of the genre’s 22K average.

“The campaign has done a fine job of leveraging its non-traditional story, its immensely social cast, and promoted very efficiently over the past two months,” praises RelishMix about STX’s digital push for Hustlers, especially in the last two weeks.

In regards to the buzz for the pic on social, RelishMix says, “Fans of the Hustlers cast have been sharing trailers and stories related to the film for weeks. The official trailer debuted on July 17, only two months prior to the movie’s opening. But sneak looks on social media and Lopez’s interviews about the dancing and her pole installed in her home fed lots of speculation.  So, the positive side for Hustlers is comprised of fans of the cast calling out their favorite co-stars, or from moviegoers that like the materials, the TIFF reviews, and the idea of women in a non-traditional business taking advantage of ‘The Man’.”


Marc Karzen