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Pennywise’s Balloon Shrinks With ‘It Chapter Two’ Now Seeing $92M Opening, Still 2nd Best For Horror

RelishMix notes on the social media reaction for Chapter Two that on the positive side, “Fans of the 2017 original have crossover sentiment with those who loved Stephen King’s original novel and even the 1990s TV mini-series.  Everyone interested in Chapter Two has different scenes, moments, characters and fears that they are having fun discussing and analyzing with each other on social.  It’s interesting to see a campaign’s discussion veer more towards personal stories and more in-depth discussion than the typical quick, shorthand references to moments from the trailers that typically indicate strong interest in the film in question.  Chapter Two has some great preceding properties that have built a branding effect with those running out to see it this weekend.”

RelishMix also observes, “The negative side of the fence certainly possesses less shout – but are genuine in their opinion that the 2017 film did not have the impression on them that the book did.  There are also references to McAvoy as ‘Professor X’ that are polarizing, as in either very strong or very negative as in he’s perhaps a distracting casting choice to some.  Similarly Bill Hader is sometimes referred to as ‘Barry’ from his HBO dram-edy portrayal.  Regardless, much more of the negative sentiment is potentially from horror fans who don’t want to be let down by a film they’ve eagerly been anticipating.”

Nonetheless huge social media universe here for the sequel at 411M across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube views, and Instagram. That’s a 50% surge from the first film’s social media draw of 273M, which were numbers only superhero movies would see. Chapter Two‘s viral rate for videos is a whopping 42:1, far outweighing the usual horror film’s 25:1 by opening week.  This rate of re-posted videos is particularly strong considering Warner Bros. posted only nine clips on its YouTube channel. The sequel is also earning 78,8K average daily views across its top YouTube videos, once again well ahead of the genre benchmark of 27,7K.

The social star of Chapter Two is young Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard at 19.1M. RelishMix says, “It’s a very strong element of the campaign to see these creatives on both the younger co-star’s pages and feeds and then the older co-star’s social destinations, too. While some cast like Bill Hader are not social, it’s always nice to see the original author’s involvement in promotion – Stephen King once again brings his nearly 12M social following to the mix.” Chastain boasts a social media following of 4M.


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