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Pokemon Detective Pikachu’ Powering To $58M+; ‘Endgame’ $722M

“Reynolds has been integrally involved in the film’s campaign from the get-go. In fact, this trend is very notable, the combination of a studio partnering with the star of the project and using the star’s substantial social media reach to aid in the campaign’s awareness and fun materials,” says Relish Mix.

“We’ve seen it with Universal and The Rock in promoting Hobbs & Shaw, and with Pikachu, Reynolds has shared several clips that are engaging, funny and paid dividends for the Detective campaign. Using his 1.1M YT Subscribers, Reynolds has shared homemade clips – and official trailers, too. It’s a superb strategy move that makes this family-friendly comedy stand out in a busy summer,” adds the social media analytics corp. A trailer with an angle on foot massaging, as only Reynolds could best emote it:

Marc Karzen