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‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ & The ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Halo Effect: Web-Slinger Sequel Seeing $170M+ 6-Day

On social media, the early May second trailer for Far From Home turned out to be a historical record draw for Sony, with 135.2M global views in 24 hours (paid and organic) besting that of the January teaser (130M views), and the first Homecoming trailer (116 million views). That 135M number is a remarkable result for Far From Home, as typically views decline on a movie’s second trailer.

Social media monitor RelishMix reports that the social media universe for Far From Home is at 857.7M, which is approaching the 860.1M SMU opening weekend figure of Homecoming. This SMU for Far From Home is comprised of 106.5M Facebook Fans, 39.4M FB views, 50M Twitter Followers, a huge 530.2M YouTube views and 131.6M Instagram Followers.

While the first Far From Home trailer has clocked close 61M views on YouTube, the second- biggest clip is of Spider-Man star Tom Holland, in costume, at the Children’s Hospital of LAm with 32.7M views to date and still over 35K views daily.


Marc Karzen