Social Tracking+Tactics for Entertainment

RelishMix Movies

RelishMix Movies

Every week, RelishMix analyzes the social reach and activity of every domestic wide-release across all major social-media platforms. With years of titles in our database (including Oscar contenders) and our proven proprietary algorithms, we can compare, contextualize and analyze your projects — with historic comps by genre, in relation to your upcoming release dates.  

We analyze every movie, so we can answer the most critical questions, especially when you need to make vital course-corrections and adjustments in your marketing or franchise growth plans — at-any-point in the production cycle.


Tactical S/W/O/T Deep-Dive Reports 

Whether you’re a marketer, producer, studio executive or social producer, RelishMix S/W/O/T Reports tell you:  

  • Where your fans are connected across social/digital

  • Where you can build awareness to your current strategy (room for improvement)

  • What your fans are saying 

  • Exactly where to make adjustments to improve box-office and VOD

  • How can you optimize your messaging across digital, social and mobile

  • Where you could re-target and reallocate


Movie D/O/T/S (Dynamic Online Tracking System)

D/O/T/S tells you:

  • The size of your social media universe (SMU) by platform

  • Which social platform is driving the most engagement (for media buys)

  • That materials are most notable: owned and earned, by platform (for creative course-correction)

  • How well activated your cast is – especially compared to other films

  • Conversation Analysis: What fans are saying (for targeting)

Creative Strategy Special Services

Data-driven tactical insights is what sets us apart, and gives us the edge for end-to-end production of social marketing videos and copy from our award-winning team.