Social Tracking+Tactics for Entertainment


RelishMix Tracking+Tactics

RelishMix analyzes movies, television, and streaming program activity across all major social platforms — tells you exactly how well you are tracking and precisely how to improve.

RelishMix tracks TV shows, streaming shows and movies across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, measuring audience engagement, activity and advising studios, networks and producers with our tracking predictions and tactical reports.

How can social boost box-office, lift ratings or drive streaming subscriptions? We’ll tell you.

Importantly, we don’t just manufacture a pile of stats and drop it to you. RelishMix analyses our data and delivers super high-level tactical insights that are proven to give the lift your show needs.


RelishMix Works With Teams At Any Point In The Production Cycle

From development, production, post to final release or syndication — RelishMix spotlights your strengths and weaknesses against your comps by genre, date or distributor.

Relish is social – the things that you like, follow, view, share and relish… and where that activity flows across social networks is your RelishMix.