Social Tracking+Tactics for Television+Movies

Sarine Samples


Here are a bunch to give you an idea. Sometimes we do really rough one-line pitches for concepts, but more often we'll do a visual pitch deck to pitch concepts. All are confidential.

"A Wrinkle In Time" -

"The Incredibles 2" / Olympics -

"Magic Camp" -

"Star Wars Rebels" (Disney XD) -

Global Recap formulas for ABC Marketing -

"Castle" (high-level brainstorm for online series ideas) -

Overall creative brainstorm for Disney Channel -

Here's an example of a project that we ran for ABC, reaching out to a friend of ours who's a video DJ. We did remixes, for a few different shows

"Modern Family" -

"Dancing With The Stars" -

Fandago / "Star Wars" parodies -

and here's one of them brought to life -

"Pixcar Derby" (One of many projects that we've done for Pixar. This was to come up with events that Pixar employees could participate in and show off their creativity, that we could also film and distribute as high-level branding pieces for Pixar itself.) -

Spin Master Toys / Tech Deck -

Ok, that's a bit to get you started. Hopefully you get the vibe. I have TONS of documents that are just rough brainstorms where we're coming up with concepts. I find that the best ideas come when we know the problem that we're trying to solve or the specific audience that we're trying to reach.

Clients include - Pixar Animation Studios, ABC, Universal Studios, Sony Pictures, Relativity Media, Saban Entertainment, VH1, The Disney Channel and The Muppets Studio, Kaiser Permanente and many more.

Let me know what else is helpful.