Social Tracking+Tactics for Entertainment



Breakdown of the elements in RelishMIX S/W/O/T Reports:

•      Overview - a summary statement about where the campaign stands with clear opportunities on how to improve

•      Stats - on growth by platform and pages added to the mix

•      D/O/T/S Tracking Index - that tells you if you are above-average, on-track or below-average

•      Platform Segmentation- Reach by FB, TW, YT and IG

•      Targeting - by keyword, theme, Movies, TV shows, comp titles and more

•      TACTICAL INSIGHTS - TO-DO - Tactics extracted from our analysis by platform: FB, YT, TW and IG

•   Reach - data driven insights on owned, earned feeds, partner feeds, the studio, the movie, cast, fans and brand partners

•   Activity - what is driving Fan engagement and why? How daily, weekly and monthly aggregated activity and impact on the campaign

•   Cast: Reporting on engagement, special materials, issues, distribution and practical fixes. Which cast members are activated and non-social? How is their activation affecting the overall SMU (Social Media Universe) Opportunities for activated, non-activated and non-social cast.

•   Conversation Analysis: comprehensive detail of what fans are saying, creative notes and changes that should/can be made

•      DEEP DIVE BY PLATFORM - the individual sections for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter include the following detail:

•   EOR - the earned, owned ratio of reposted materials on YouTube and which spots/videos/trailers that are most effective

•   What’s Hot - for earned and owned materials, UGC, review posts 

•   Cross-Promotion - among other titles within the library and beyond

•   Creative Course Correction - data-driven insights that support which materials are resonating and how to capitalize

•   Influencer Notes - based on client-provided lists and RelishMIX recommendations