Social Tracking+Tactics for Entertainment

TV Report Formats

Television Report Formats


  • D/O/T/S Reports: (Dynamic Online Tracking System): Ratings for the Next Generation


  • Genre Comparative Reports: for Drama, Comedy, Reality, Competition

  • Network Reports: for Broadcast, Cable, Streaming

  • Producer Reports: Content strategies, more


  • Tactical S/W/O/T Reports: (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) tactical insights grouped by show, genre, time-slot or network:

    • Pre-Production S/W/O/T Reports

    • Marketing S/W/O/T Reports

    • SVOD/Streaming S/W/O/T Reports

  • Impact Reports: Premieres, Episodes, Sweeps, more

  • Genre Comparative Reports: Drama, Comedy, Reality, First-Season, Returning

  • Landscape Report: Define awareness, engagement and convo in advance of production or greenlight


  • Pre-Production D/O/T/S Reports by show

  • D/O/T/S Tracking Reports (social ratings) for grids

  • S/M/O/R Social Marketing Tacticl

  • S/W/O/T Reports by show or by night

  • Network Growth Strategy

Who uses RelishMix TV/Streaming Reports and Tracking

  • Marketing Executives

  • Digital/Social Teams

  • Show Runners

  • Production Companies

  • Programming Executives

  • Content Acquisition Teams

  • Research Departments

  • Development Executives


All Data Insights Collected Using RelishMix Proprietary Technology